How to buy

How to install the trial/evaluation plugins?

Please consult the ToneBoosters installation and user manual on how to install the free trial/evaluation plugins. The manual can be found here. The trial/evaluation plugins can be downloaded here.

What are the limitations of the free trial/evaluation plugins?

The trial/evaluation plugins are fully functional, except for parameter communication between the plugin and the host, which is disabled. Consequently, hosts will not store the settings of the trial/evaluation plugins upon save. Obviously the registered versions of the plugins do not have this limitation.

How to upgrade to registered plugins?

Firstly, install the free trial/evaluation plugins if you did not already do so. This allows you to verify that the plugins are working correctly on your computer before making a purchase. You will also need to have these trial/evaluation plugins installed if you want to be able to upgrade them to fully-functional registered plugins.

To upgrade the trial/evaluation plugins to registered plugins, you will need to purchase a registration key file or activation code for the plugin(s) you are interested in.

  1. Visit the online shop to place an order for a ‘registration key file’ or ‘activation code’ for the plugin or bundle you are interested in. The purchase process will be handled by Avangate, an authorized ToneBoosters plugins reseller.
  2. After completion of the purchase process, and when the payment is cleared, you will receive an automated email that includes a download link for the (zipped) registration key files or the activation code (depending on the plugin). Download links will be available for 3 weeks and you will have a maximum of 3 download attempts.
  3. Please consult the manual for registration key file installation details.
  4. Restart the host program.

Please consult the ToneBoosters installation and user manual on how to install the free trial/evaluation plugins and the registration key files.

How can I pay?

Major credit cards and PayPal are supported for payment. More information about payment can be obtained from the Avangate customer support site.

Do I need to create an account?

Creation of an Avangate account (the ToneBoosters authorized reseller) is optional, but is required for certain aspects such as obtaining a payment receipt for your purchase(s).

Can I use the same key on Windows and OSX?

Yes. Toneboosters licenses are personal (associated to you as an individual) and hence you can use the same license on multiple PCs, even across platforms (Windows and OSX).

How do I get updates?

Simply download the latest evalution plugin set and overwrite the older binaries. Make sure you keep your existing registration key files! Please consult the manual for a more extensive description of the update process here.

How do I get to know about updates?

New releases are communicated through various channels:

    1. Via the news section of this website;
    2. Via the RSS feed of this website;
    3. Via our Facebook page.

If you ‘like’ that page you will receive ToneBoosters news on your Facebook wall.

Do I need a serial number or hardware key?

No. Our trial/evaluation plugins can be upgraded to fully functional versions with a separate registration ‘key file’. The registration key file must be stored in the same folder/directory as the corresponding VST plugin. Please make sure to make a backup copy of this registration key file; if the registration key file is lost or damaged the plugin will automatically downgrade to a demo version.

What if I did not receive my purchase?

Purchases are processed automatically. Normally you should receive an email within one day. Automated emails are sometimes regarded as spam by spam filters; please do check your spam folder! You can also track your order in the Avangate customer support area if you have an order number and associated email address.

I downloaded the plugins – now what?

If you have trouble with installation or use of the plugins, please consult the PDF manual here.

Can I transfer my license to someone else?

That depends on the type of license you have acquired. More information is available in the end-user license agreement that you agreed to when downloading ToneBoosters software and on this page explaining the license transfer process.