License transfers

Please read the end-user license agreement that you agreed upon when downloading ToneBoosters software very carefully before requesting a license transfer to verify that the license you have obtained qualifies for a transfer. One or more registered license(s) can only be transferred after payment of the applicable transfer administration fee, AND after ToneBoosters has received all required information for a license transfer, which includes as a bare minimum:

  1. The full name and a valid email address of the current licensee;
  2. The full name and a valid email address of the new licensee;
  3. The name of the product(s) to be transferred from the current to the new licensee.

The transfer process including the payment of the transfer administration fee (EUR 10,=) is processed by our authorised reseller Avangate and is initiated by filling in this online form for a license transfer. After submitting the form and successful payment of the transfer administration fee, ToneBoosters will contact the current and new licensee by email within 30 days to arrange the transfer, or else any paid transfer administration fee will be automatically refunded. The license transfer will solely be arranged online and via email.