25 Mar 2017

Plugin update history

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Plugin bundle – Mar 25, 2017

An updated Toneboosters plugin bundle is now available from www.toneboosters.com.

Barricade update to v4.1.2

  • Improved dithering noise shaping characteristics
  • Improved mouse handling of VU meter draggers for setting thresholds

Morphit update to v1.1.6

  • OSX: AU version now saves GUI size and color theme with project
  • New headphone profiles: AKG K240 Studio, AGK K271mk2, Sony MDR V6, Sony MDRV150, Sony MDR ZX310AP, Blue Lola, Skullcandy Hesh 2, Hifiman HE350
  • Changed slider mouse wheel behavior for sliders – mousewheel is now used for fine editing
  • Added tooltips to user interface elements
  • Faster startup time during scanning and opening GUI in some hosts
  • Various optimizations and stability improvements

Plugin bundle – Mar 07, 2017

Barricade update to v4.1.1 (hotfix)

  • OSX: AU version now saves GUI size and color theme with project
  • True peak is now correctly measured and processed even if the compressor is disabled
  • New limiter modes added with automatic attack/release to allow quick dial-in

Plugin bundle – Mar 05, 2017

Barricade update to v4.1.0

  • Fixed VST category shown in some hosts
  • Extended AU and VST3 multi-channel capabilities to include 7.1
  • Fixed an issue causing the VST2 version to show up as 8-channel plugin while only supporting mono and stereo
  • Added mouse wheel functionality to threshold draggers on VU meters
  • Changed slider mouse wheel behavior for sliders – mousewheel can now be used for fine editing
  • Added option to disable scroll view and added new parameter and detailed views
  • New input modeller with console, tape, and clipping models, and variable threshold/drive setting
  • Limiter gain control now shows the gain realized by the limiter in real time
  • Added quantization, dithering and perceptual noise shaping output option (16 and 24 bits)
  • Added tooltips to user interface elements
  • Faster startup time during scanning and opening GUI in some hosts
  • Extended set of presets (VST2 and AU, and VST3 if supported by host)
  • Various optimizations and stability improvements

Plugin bundle – Jan 29, 2017

Morphit update to v1.1.5

  • Various optimizations and stability improvements
  • New headphone models: Superlux HD668B, Pioneer HDJ1000
  • Update notification: availability of updates will now be shown in the GUI

Barricade v4.0.0

  • New release of this plugin

Morphit v1.1.4 – Jan 11, 2017

Morphit v1.1.4

  • Various optimizations and stability improvements
  • Improvement in ear bud profiles (Apple, Philips, generic)

Morphit v1.1.3 – Jan 10, 2017

Morphit v1.1.3

  • Various optimizations and stability improvements
  • Improvement in high-frequency profiles of virtually all headphones

Morphit v1.1.2 – Jan 07, 2017

Morphit v1.1.2

  • Various optimizations and stability improvements
  • Improved ‘Morph’ functionality: dial in macro structures (0-50%) and micro-structures (50-100%)
  • New headphone models: Superlux HD681, Sennheiser HD25-1 II, Fostex T50RP, Behringer HPM1000, Koss UR20, Panasonic HJE120 ergofit, AudioTechnica ATH M40x, Sennheiser HD595.

Morphit v1.1.1 – Dec 27, 2016

Morphit v1.1.1

  • Fix an issue that could result in instable behaviour when activating the plugin

Morphit v1.1.0 – Dec 23, 2016

Morphit v1.1.0

Please note that this update may change behaviour of the plugin when retrieving existing projects that were saved with earlier versions of Morphit. Affected settings are (1) output gain, and (2) customization equalization curve. Please check settings carefully when updating!

  • Several minor improvements in GUI design
  • DSP engine is further optimized with a reduction of about 20% in CPU load
  • Accuracy improvements for almost all headphone models, for both frequency and phase correction
  • Gain function is now always available even if the limiter is disabled
  • Custom mode is now equal to Simulate mode but with additional equalization option for response tweaking
  • New included headphone models: AKG272, Beats Studio 2
  • All headphone models are now properly listed in alphabetical order
  • Customization Q factor range is increased to allow better fine tuning

Morphit v1.0.2 – Dec 19, 2016

Morphit v1.0.2

  • Several minor improvements
  • Added generic HiFi headphone profile
  • Added generic studio reference headphone profile
  • Added Focal Spirit Pro headphone profile
  • Added Sony MDR7506 headphone profile

Morphit v1.0.1 – Dec 18, 2016

Morphit v1.0.1

  • Fix an issue that could cause loss of programs and preset data in certain hosts
  • Improved performance for hosts that support plugin silence flags

Morphit released – Dec 17, 2016

Morphit v1.0.0

Toneboosters Morphit is now available from www.toneboosters.com.

Version 3.1.5 – Oct 24, 2016

All plugins – OSX

  • Fix an issue that can cause crashes during plugin scanning in Steinberg Cubase and other hosts
  • Minimum OSX version bumped to 10.10 and compatibility with macOS Sierra
  • No update / change for Windows platform

Version 3.1.4 – Apr 1, 2016

All plugins

  • Various optimizations
  • Minimum OSX version bumped to 10.10

Version 3.1.3 – Jul 18, 2015


  • Improved harmonic distortion of release curve for some of the compressor modes


  • Various optimizations


  • Initial release


  • Initial release – free plugin

Version 3.1.2 – Apr 5, 2015


  • Bug fix in ALM value communication to host
  • Improvements in ‘hold’ algorithm in combination with ultra-short release times
  • New ‘Pump’ parameter
  • Revamped GUI with improved VU meter readability

BusCompressor, Evoke, Sibalance

  • Improved metering accuracy


  • Note number indication frequency display mouse hover.
  • Improved metering accuracy for side/mid mode

Version 3.1.1 – Mar 21, 2015

Evoke, Sibalance, BusCompressor

  • Improve GUI refresh/updates in certain hosts (Cubase, Studio One, and others).

Version 3.1.0 – Mar 16, 2015

All plugins (Windows only)

  • Fixed a GUI font offset issue in Windows 8.1 (x86) and Windows 10 TP (x86)
  • No changes for Mac with respect to v3.1.0 RC1

Version 3.1.0 RC1 – Feb 28, 2015


  • Default ALM setting is now disabled to improve backward compatibility
  • ALM has now three settings: off, normal (green), and boost (yellow)
  • Nonlinear scale of VU meters to improve readability


  • Added 180-degree phase shift option


  • First release

Version 3.0.9 – Dec 13, 2014

All plugins

  • OSX: Plugins now compatible with OSX Yosemite


  • Various CPU optimizations


  • New GUI
  • Various CPU optimizations
  • New feature: hold time control expressed in cycles
  • New feature: Mid-side compression mode
  • New feature: side-chain pan adjustment
  • New feature: High-Quality (HQ) mode
  • New feature: assisted level makeup (ALM)
  • New feature: release hysteresis
  • New feature: Noise/harmonic content sensitivity adjustment
  • Compression range extended to +/-60 dB

Version 3.0.8 – Nov 3, 2014

All plugins

  • Improved support for low sample rates (< 44.1 kHz)
  • Resolved a bug when typing in values while closing a GUI on OSX
  • Changed right-click to double left-click to manually enter values
  • Resolved a bug that could lead to high CPU load or audio not playing in specific hosts


  • Improved mode switching behavior


  • Updated GUI
  • Various DSP optimizations
  • New auto level make-up feature for each equalizer section

EBULoudness / EBUCompact

  • Updated ATSC A/85 algorithm according to latest specification (to include gating as specified in ITU-R bs.1770/3)
  • Plugin name changed to facilitate compatibility with older versions


  • Improvement in multiband limiter quality
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