01 Jan 2016

TB Sibalance CM

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Remove excess sibilance and improve harsh tracks with TB Sibalance CM – free with Computer Music magazine issue 225 (Feb 2016).


TB Sibalance CM is the ideal tool to quickly and transparently process vocals, instruments and mixes to remove excess sibilance or harshness. TB Sibalance CM analyses incoming signals and determines sibilance and harshness levels using advanced detection and separation algorithms, followed by matched filter technology for surgical, minimally invasive editing.

TB Sibalance CM comes for free with Computer Music Magazine issue 225 (Feb 2016). Click on the picture above to see TB Sibalance CM in action.

TB Sibalance CM uses the same algorithms as TB Sibalance but provides a clean and simple user interface for quick results and to improve your workflow. If more control is desirable, consider buying TB Sibalance.


  • Matched filter de-essing and spectral processing technology for ultra-transparent de-essing
  • Four different modes for male vocals, female vocals, hybrid de-essing and full mix processing
  • Variable threshold, amount and attack settings


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